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hii lovely person, welcome to my blog which is a mix of fresh, modern, neon and bright!
my name's Sara, i'm 14 and from Portugal, please don't be shy and say hi xx


・just got a makeover from Astrid, thoughts?

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Hi there lovelies! Mafalda (goldush) and I (freshyed) have decided to create a network to showcase all the wild beauties out here. For that I present you The Wild Network! xx
must be following both Sara (freshyed) and Mafalda (goldush) - if you don’t there will be 0,001% chances of you being picked!;
must reblog this post as many times as you’d like (likes will be counted for bookmarking)
must have a gorgeous and wild blog - fresh/modern/neon/bright or similar blogstyles only;
must be active and willing to put a badge/link to the network on your blog.
being showcased on a eye catching page as a wild animal here;
making loads of new cool friends;
get promos/help/advice/anything from your fellow wildies.
follow Mafalda’s instagram (mafalda_tx) and Sara’s 1D blog and message us after;
tag a post with #freshyed, #goldush and/or #wildnetwork telling us why you’re a true wildie and a little bit about yourself c:
talk to us!! we promise to be nice so let’s be friends ^-^
there will be a group chat and badge;
around 20 blogs will be chosen;
we will choose when we are content with the notes;
banner and badge by eaudesigns
parisianbliss asked:

Hiii i love your blog! :)

thank you so much babe ^-^ x

f r e s h ✰ m o d e r n
f r e s h ✰ m o d e r n
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